The Rising Tide

I felt like the ugly side of me was rising like a tidal wave ready to drown me with its salty waters. I tried to run from the beast inside which was tearing at my flesh wanting to come out. I knew I had to face the breaking and looming wave ready to drown me. My lungs were burning from trying to run, but no matter how much I ran, the tidal wave kept chasing me in hot pursuit. I dropped to the ground and the wave broke over me dragging me into its waters. I knew I didn’t have the strength to swim back to shore. Everything went black as the salty water filled my lungs. I woke up, staring into the eyes of someone who knew me, but I wasn’t sure who it was. I knew one thing, it wasn’t someone who was going to harm, but instead, would help me. This person spoke and said, with a wink and a laugh, “With all that salty water you swallowed, that would kill off any unwanted visitor inside.”