Woke up in a darkened room that was unfamiliar to me. I sat up with caution. The room felt cold and strange, I felt strange. I was told this day would come, where I would fall asleep one night and wake up in a place that was indifferent to my sense of security. The smell of the room smelt like my childhood; oceans and springtime. Amongst those scents,      I smelt the aroma  of coffee and other smells that somehow I knew were a part of the adult world that was very unfamiliar to me. I felt fear and I shook. Suddenly, a neon sign appeared in front of me that read ‘Illuminate’. I was confused by this word, this room was wrapped in darkness yet this word ‘Illuminate’ echoed a startling revelation. A voice deep within spoke and said “Wrapped in darkness is the path of your future as it is completely unknown to you. Despite this, a light is inside of you that will Illuminate the path of others. You must also remember this light isn’t just for others but for you also as you must remember to hold on to hope. Light will brighten the darkest of days ahead by living the  word ‘Illuminate’.