Today was a slow day. I did some cleaning and turned on the AC for the first time in months. The heat is setting in as Summer pushes Spring out the door. I was struggling to find something constructive to do until I clicked on a sermon by Jenn Johnson. It was exactly what I needed to hear in the season I’m in and excited to see how God uses the message I heard in moving forward in my life. You can find it below. Just a powerful,inspiring and challenging message. Also below is a story I wrote that I felt placed on my heart by the Lord after I heard this message. I hope it encourages you and challenges  you today. 🙂 Godspeed.


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I woke up every morning with urgency as I rushed to get ready for the day. My eyes were droopy but I knew I had to get out of bed to face the new day waiting for me. Suddenly, a vision came to me. I saw myself step out of my bedroom and then finding myself in the company of room, full of people. Each person had a name which was; hope, fear, anger disgust, hopelessness, joy, peace, and love. I found myself walk towards fear, anger, disgust and hopelessness who were all grouped on my side of the room. I then proceeded to shake hands with them with ease and without hesitation. I suddenly felt a voice come to me saying “why are you making camaraderie with the enemy of your joy,peace, love and hope. This company Is pulling you away from my plan for you. Cut ties with these people who are dragging away from the joy found in me but instead you’re giving the enemy joy by strengthing your friendship with them. They are on your side of the room because you make them comfortable as you carrying their spirits with you the minute you start your day. You need to carry my spirit which carries the spirit of joy, peace, love and hope. When you see the enemies of me at your door again, walk past them without concern and strengthen your relationship with the friends of your soul.”