Hey People,

I realise my absence has been very long but I am very excited to say I am actually going to take the time to post this year. I am currently in the limbo stages of adulthood as I wait for the opportunity to move away. I am searching for a job at the moment so when the right place comes up to move to Melbourne I will be at a financial advantage. I was originally going to study Bible College at the beginning this year but I discovered I wasn’t able to afford it at this current time. Life can be tough and confusing, I struggle at times as I don’t have many friends who live close by which makes me very lonely. I have a few awesome people in my life however which makes me very grateful for those few people. God keeps showing me that patience is important and I need to just wait on His timing for the things I would like to do. I hope to get a job in Melbourne (once I find a place to live) to work and possibly study mid-year.

p.s let me know what posts you would like to see in the future.

Godspeed and hold on to hope.