Hey Everyone,

Hope you’re  having a great week. Today is my first music moments post where I talk about a song that means a great deal to me and has got me through some pretty rough times in my life. Ironically the song I am going to be talking about today is called Times by Tenth Avenue North.








When I listened to this song a lot, life was pretty sour and I was really struggling not only with my faith in God but also my emotions weighing very heavy on me. A lot was happening in my family at the time (as well as me personally) and I was struggling to cope with it all. I cried a lot then, I would find myself sobbing in the dark curled up in my bed late at night. With headphones in my ears just feeling so much weight. Music was an important tool for me to stay strong and continuously reminded of God’s faithfulness. I felt a lot of shame and hurt as my self-esteem was low. I can’t remember all the reasons why I felt the way I did.It was such a long time ago. All I know is the song gave me hope and reminded of God’s faithfulness even when God felt distant or life was really hard. Through those hard times, my faith in God grew as I learned to trust Him despite the fact He felt distant sometimes.

In fact, the whole album Over and Underneath album by Tenth Avenue North (which Times comes from) would have to be one of my favorite albums of all time. The lyrics to each song gave me such hope and peace and still does. I will leave a link below. 🙂


but the Lord can be trusted to Make You Strong and Protect You from harm. 

2 Thessalonians 3:3 







Hope everyone is having a great day and Godspeed 🙂