Now, it’s important to note at the time I didn’t know what Trepidation meant. I had no phone reception to google such a word on that infamous day, etched in my memory forever. This sign stood before me. The eerie bold letters that made me fearful and excited all at the same, kept my gaze fixed.

After what felt like many minutes, I  finally broke from the trance that this unearthly sign had pulled me into. Now, if you were wondering why of all the days I went down this road and Inever noticd this sign. Well, the weather’s dismal mood seemed to make me notice that particular sign unlike the summer days in which I went down this road with a dazed sense of awareness.

I began to walk towards the path. My brain said no but my heart said yes. The path was made of soil which made it possible for its wet surface to create a trail of footprints to leave behind. This gave me the comfort that I could find my way back if something went gravely wrong.





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